Services & Consultancies

We provide services and consultancies in the following areas:

Antenna Measurement System

Our anechoic chamber is suitable for far field and near field antenna measurement in the range of 300 MHz to 40 GHz (with options to extend up to 60 GHz).

Wireless Network Coverage Management System

WCC are equipped with state of the art equipment for wireless network coverage and performance analysis such as Q-VOice for 3G, GSM & GPRS cellular mobile system (indoor and outdoor) and AirMagnet for wireless LAN (WLAN).

Wireless Network Planning

WCC have among the best software available in the market to conduct wireless network planning. Among them are EKAHAU for indoor location tracing system, ATDI ICS Telecom and VISUALYSE, a professional software applied to the studies and simulations of satellite systems and terrestrial networks of all kinds and across all frequency bands.

Consultancy & Short Courses

Up to date, WCC had consulted and carry out short courses as follows:

  • RF & Antenna Design
  • WLAN Design & Deployment
  • Bluetooth Design and Deployment
  • Performance Measurement / Benchmarking for 3G, GSM, GPRS, Bluetooth and WLAN
  • Propagation Prediction using VPL Ray Tracking SOftware
  • Prediction for WLAN Traffic
  • Broadband Fixed Wireless Access (BFWA) Fixed and Portable
  • RLSA Flat Antenna Design and Fabrication
  • Short Courses on Wireless Communication System


Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our services and consultancies.