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Short Course on Spectrum Management

Date: 20-22 August 2013 Venue: Wireless Communication Centre (P15a)

Prof. Dr. Tharek Abd. Rahman giving Short Course on 4G LTE/LTE-A Technology at NCU Taiwan

From 21-23 January 2013, WCC Director, Prof. Dr. Tharek Abd. Rahman has been invited to National Central University (NCU), Taiwan to give a 3 day short course on 4G LTE/LTE-A technology. More than 100 participarts attended the short course. Sessions included Multiple Access Techniques for Mobile Communication, Introduction to LTE, LTE Architecture, LTE Air Interface, LTE MIMO System and Introduction to LTE Advanced.
Prof. Tharek LTE Seminar NCU Taiwan (2).JPG

Short Course in Advance Spectrum Management

23/5/2011 - WCC has successfully conducted the first week of the scheduled 3 weeks Advanced Spectrum Management Course in collaboration with SKMM Academy.
Short Course in Advance Spectrum Management (2).JPG

Visit from Universiti Teknologi Petronas

28/10/2010 - Representatives from Universiti Teknologi Pertronas (UTP) visit WCC.
UTP-visit (2).jpg

Visit from Ministry of Higher Education, Oman

21/10/2009 - Representatives from Ministry of Higher Education, Oman visits WCC.
MOHE-Oman-visit (2).jpg

Visit from Portsmouth University

13/10/2010 - Representatives from Portsmouth University visit WCC.
portsmouth-university-visit (14).jpg

Eid Aidilfitri 2010

11/10/2010 - WCC celebrates Eid Aidilfitri. Various dishes were served. Attended by WCC staffs and students.
aidilfitri-2010 (2).jpg

DYMM Sultan Johor Visit WCC

26/7/2010 - WCC is much honored to have received formal visits from the Sultan of Johor, Duli Yang Maha Mulia Sultan Ibrahim ibn Almarhum Sultan Iskandar.
DYMM-sultan-johor-visit (2).jpg

Visiting Professor: Prof. Dr. Peter S. Hall

25-31/7/2010 - Prof. Dr. Peter S. Hall, University of Birmingham, UK visit WCC and gives talks on antennas and propagation for Body Centric Wireless Communication.
Prof-Peter-Hall-visit (2).jpg

WCC Strategic Planning Workshop 2010

7-8/6/2010 -WCC held 2010 strategic planning at A'famosa Resort, Melaka, in conjunction with our family day.
strategic-planning-workshop-2010 (2).jpg

WCC Family Day 2010

7/3/2010 -WCC family day was successfully organised at A'famosa Resort, Melaka.
family-day-2010 (2).jpg

WCC Short Course 2010

15-31/3/2010 -WCC successfully conducted shorts courses on Wireless Communication System to participants from Omdurman Ahlia University, Sudan.
short-course-2010 (2).jpg

CST Workshop

11/11/2009 -WCC organized CST workshop held in Makmal Sistem, P02, FKE. It was conducted by a trainer from CST. Around 20 students attended the workshop.
CST-workshop (2).jpg

Visit from Prof. Dr. Zabeh Ghassemlooy

21/10/2009 - WCC receives a visit from Prof. Dr. Zabeh Ghassemlooy, Northumbria University, UK. He delivered a talk on Atmospheric effects on Free Space Optical Communication Link.
Prof-Zabeh-Ghassemlooy-visit (2).jpg

Eid Aidilfitri 2009

15/9/2009 - WCC Eid Aidilfitri Celebration. Attended by WCC staffs and students.
aidilfitri-2009 (2).jpg

UTM Board of Directors Visit

13/8/2009 - WCC receives visits from UTM Board of Directors (BoD).
UTM-board-directors-visit (2).jpg

WCC Short Course 2009

1-14/7/2009 - WCC organised short course on Wireless Communication System. Attended by 16 participants from Garden City College for Science & Technology, Sudan.
short-course-2009 (2).jpg

WCC Strategic Planning Workshop 2009

29-30/5/2009 - WCC held strategic planning workshop in conjunction with family day at Tiara Beach Resort, Port Dickson.
strategic-planning-workshop-2009 (2).jpg

WCC Family Day 2009

29-30/5/2009 - WCC organised a two day family day event at Tiara Beach Resort, Port Dickson.
family-day-2009 (2).jpg

Taibah University Visit

4/2/2009 - Representatives from Taibah University Saudi Arabia visit WCC.
taibah-university-visit (2).jpg


The 1st International Workshop on Internet of Things (IOTT 2013) Venue: Seoul, Korea Date: 15-18 December 2013

Visit to SKTelecom O

Visit to SK Telecom office at Cheongju City, South Korea to see the LTE-A facility. Date: 18 December 2013

Cooperation Agreement Signing between WCC UTM and Electronic Communication Laboratory, CBNU

Cooperation agreement signing between Prof Heung-Gyoon Ryu, ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION LABORATORY, CHUNGBUK NATIONAL UNIVERSITY REPUBLIC OF KOREA and WCC Date: 19th Dec 2013 Location: Chungbuk National University Korea