Wireless Industry Emission (WIE) Laboratory


Wireless Industry Emission (WIE) 



Wireless  Industry  Emission  (WIE)  lab  is  equipped  with  cutting-edge  technology  to  remotely  taking, transmitting and charting measurements from five EMF area monitors located at Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Johor. The lab is distributed into two parts which is the establishment of EMF remote monitoring station  near  mobile  phone  base  station  sites  and  the  establishment  of  EMF  emission  real-time monitoring through website. R&D activities in the area of WIE aims to provide the general public within dependent and factual information about the subject of non-ionizing radiation (NIR), particularly the high-frequency emissions from mobile phone base stations, was one of the environmental topics most often discussed and concerned by the public.