Propagation & Interference Laboratory

Propagation and Interference Laboratory of Wireless Communication Centre (WCC) operates at two laboratory spaces at WCC’s UTM Skudai Campus branch and WCC’s UTM Kuala Lumpur Campus branch. The laboratory is dedicated to researches, training and industry consultancy services related to physical wireless propagation channel and technology coexistence interference study.

Research Activities:

The main focused research areas of the laboratory include:

  • Wideband channel measurement and modeling for indoor and outdoor environment
  • Narrowband channel measurement and modeling for indoor and outdoor environment
  • Rain attenuation measurement and modeling for tropical region
  • Technology coexistence issues at UHF bands following the emergence of Digital Dividend and radio spectrum reforming

In year 2015, the key research theme of the laboratory will be oriented to propagation study for the fifth-generation mobile communication system (5G). The laboratory will be upgraded to fulfill the needs of 5G researches. Research facilities to be upgraded include a wideband channel sounder for propagation channel measurement up to 40 GHz and a narrowband propagation channel measurement system up to 40 GHz.


Professional Short Courses:

Besides researches, the laboratory also provides professional short courses to the telecommunication industry on topics related to wireless propagation and interference issues. The laboratory is equipped with a 15-seats software simulation laboratory for hands-on training. The most recent short course conducted here in year 2014 is a 5-days Hands-on Training on LTE RF Planning and Optimization.


Industry Consultancy Services:

The laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and expertise in conducting various study and experiments to solve industry issues related to wireless propagation and technology coexistence interference. In year 2014, we completed two industry consultancy projects related to coexistence and interference of cellular mobile technologies with other wireless technologies at UHF bands.