Ericsson and WCC collaborated to connect mangroves sapling with IoT technologies for their conservation

14th July 2017 – WCC had teamed up with Ericsson in spearheading mangroves conservation initiatives using internet-of-things (IoT) technology for the purpose of continuous conservation of planted mangroves. The Connected Mangroves Project, which was joined by Global Environment Centre, had successfully planted 400 mangrove saplings at Kampung Dato’ Hormat, Sabak Bernam through the tireless day-long effort of about 70 UTM staffs and students, Ericssons’s staffs plus local residents as an integral part to preserve and rehabilitate the declining mangrove forest in Malaysia.

The event was one of its kind as participants also helped to equip the planted trees with IoT sensors to allow real-time information streaming on weather conditions, fires, water levels, soil fertility as well as intrusion alert to ensure mangrove growth and prevent further coastlines erosion. Through this initiative, information gathered would be analyzed from UTM-Ericsson Innovation Centre for 5G (IC5G) to facilitate the process of mangrove conservation in Malaysia.

Ericsson Malaysia & Sri Lanka President, Todd Ashton (left) discussing with WCC director, Prof. Tharek at Kampung Dato Hormat mangroves.