HFSS workshop organized by WCC Student Society

1st February 2016 – WCC Student Society had organised a workshop for WCC postgraduate students on the usage of Ansys’s High Frequency Structure Simulator (HFSS) software last 28th of January. The workshop was conducted to assist researchers in WCC primarily on the development of antenna and other structures for RF application using HFSS computer-aided design tool. Two PhD candidates from WCC, namely Mr. Jamal Nasir and Mr. Muhammad Kamran Ishfaq, were the presenters during the workshop and had shared their extensive experience in using the software tool for design and simulation purpose. The organising of the workshop was very much appreciated by WCC postgraduate students as it had also functioned as a discussion-platform for WCC researchers to discuss on approaches that can be employed to ease and quicken the design process.

Mr. Muhammad Kamran sharing his design experience on using HFSS tool

Mr. Muhammad Kamran sharing his design experience on using HFSS tool

Visit by Institut Mines Te’le’com Researchers to WCC

Institut Mines Te’le’com Researchers and WCC staffs posed for a photograph taken during the visit

Institut Mines Te’le’com Researchers and WCC staffs posed for a photograph taken during the visit

1st February 2016 – Four principal researchers from Institut Mines Te’le’com in France had visited WCC on last 28th of January as part of their planned visit to UTM. The visitors were brought to visit the showcasing room as well as several laboratories in WCC and were impressed with the equipped facilities available in WCC. Brief discussion between researchers from both research centres has led to an interest in conducting research collaboration for future joint-research endeavour. The visit ended with a photograph session between the visiting researchers and WCC staffs.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Razali giving details on product developments by WCC researches to the visitors from Institut Mines Te’le’com

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Razali giving details on product developments by WCC researches to the visitors from Institut Mines Te’le’com


Keysight Technologies Training for 5G Propagation Study

9th January 2016 – An intensive training session on operating Keysight equipments as well as using accompanying software tool to conduct investigation on signal wave propagation for 5th Generation (5G) mobile system was held on last 4th to 7th January. The training, which was held at Menara Razak in UTM Kuala Lumpur was attended by WCC’s technical and academic staffs, academic staffs from UTM KL as well as other researchers in the field of wireless technology. The training had provided participants with a thorough exposure on potential areas that can be explored and researched upon with respect to 5G mobile application. Experts from Keysight Technologies had also shared some of their experiences while working with other researchers in setting up test beds for signal wave analysis and the challenges that they had encountered. It is hoped that the training could act as a catalyst for WCC researchers in intensifying their research study and contribute to the development of next-generation wireless communication system.


Keysight Technologies Training for 5G Propagation Study

Prof. Tharek (sitting in the front most row) with the other participants listening attentively to training lecture by Keysight expert

Happy New Year 2016

We would like to wish to all WCC Staffs, students, researcher from all over the world a “Happy New Year for 2016”. We hope that you have enjoyed some time with family and friends with some great laughs and even a few runs in there too.

new year 2016

Now that 2016 is upon is, it is time to change gears and get yourself motivated for a fantastic year ahead. Here are a few tips to get the ball rolling to ensure you stay on track to reach your goals in the coming year.

  1. Set realistic goals that you can achieve (this is the best form of motivation when you can achieve goals you set)
  2. Set time specific goals
  3. Join a running group or invite a friend you can achieve your goals with (lets work together and collaborate)
  4. Set short, medium and long term goals for 2016
  5. Stick to a program or schedule you can maintain and that works with real life situations
  6. Set rewards for yourself when you achieve a goal (something like, buy yourself such a new iphone6)

Whatever your goals, we hope you have a happy new year and look forward to all the positive things that 2016 has to bring.


WCC Admin

UTM and Ericsson Malaysia to Collaborate in 5G

UTM and Ericsson Malaysia to Collaborate in 5G


Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) and Ericson (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd to seal the partnership in the research and development of 5th Generation (5G) mobile communication technology.

“It’s time for us to rekindle and strengthen the close collaboration between UTM and Ericsson (Malaysia) again through this MoU,” said the Vice Chancellor of UTM, Prof. Datuk Ir. Dr. Wahid Omar during the MoU signing ceremony.

The partnership between UTM and Ericsson (Malaysia) can be traced back approximately 20 years ago. In 1990s, when the mobile wireless communication industry started to bloom in Malaysia, the Wireless Communication Centre (WCC) of UTM, known as Wireless Communication Research Laboratory (WCRL) at the time, worked closely with Ericsson Malaysia on research project to study the impact of tropical rain attenuation on microwave communication links. Ericsson had generously provided research funding and donated equipment to WCC UTM to conduct research. This collaboration was proven fruitful, where the outcomes includes, but not limited to, numerous postgraduate students graduated under this research program, publication of high impact research journal and conference papers, knowledge sharing and transfer to the local industries.

Last year, WCC UTM has been awarded the status of Higher Institution Centre of Excellence (HI-COE), by the Ministry of Education. WCC UTM is the first and only HICoE in the area of wireless communication in Malaysia. WCC is actively involved in research and development activities in the niche area of antennas and propagations for 5G mobile communication. With the support from the government and the industry, especially Ericsson, WCC UTM aims to become one of the prominent 5G research centre in this region by the year of 2017, aligned with the aspiration of the Ministry of Education.

The President of Ericsson Malaysia, Todd Ashton believed that the partnership with UTM will accelerate innovation towards 5G, realise the company’s vision of networked society and ultimately contribute to nation building.

The MoU document was signed by UTM’s Vice Chancellor, Prof. Datuk Ir. Dr. Wahid Omar and Mr. Todd Ashton, President of Ericsson Malaysia and Sri Lanka.  The ceremony was held at Chancellery Meeting Room, Menara Razak, UTM Kuala Lumpur on October 22nd, 2015.


UTM and Ericsson Malaysia to Collaborate in 5G

Left to right:, Prof. Datuk Ir. Dr. Wahid Omar, Vice Chancellor of UTM; Mr. Todd Ashton,   President of Ericsson Malaysia and Sri Lanka


Left to Right: Sebastian Barros, VP of Key Account, Ericsson; Todd Ashton, President of Ericsson and Sri Lanka; Prof Dr. Tharek Abd. Rahman, Director Wireless Communication Centre, UTM.


Visit from Ambassador of Argentina in Malaysia

On 26th August 2015, WCC has been honoured to receive a visit from H.E. MARIA ISABEL RENDON AMBASSADOR OF ARGENTINA. Madam Maria Isabel has been accompanied by Prof. Masputeriah Hamzah the director of UTM Corporate Affairs.

Madam Maria Isabel has visit two WCC main labs which are anechoic chamber and Specific Absorbtion rate Lab. The visit is guided by Dr. Mohd Haizal Jamaluddin as the Senior Lecturer of WCC. At the end of the visit, Madam Maria Isabel manage to jot some important words in the guest book and has photo session with WCC Staff. All the photos during the visit are shown here.


visit 1

visit 3

visit 4visit 5visit 6


Visits from Shibaura Institute of Technology to WCC

On 24th February 2015, WCC has been honoured to receive visits from the Japanese undergraduates from Shibaura Institute of Technology. During that time, students are following summer camp course in UTM. In the same time, they learned some new technology in wireless communication in WCC.


DSC_0364 (Small) DSC_0368 (Small) DSC_0373 (Small) DSC_0379 (Small)

George Washington University visit to WCC

on 10th February 2015, WCC has been honoured to receive Ms. Adina Lav, Director SEAS Graduate Admissions from George Washington University. Dr Mohd Haizal bin Jamaluddin has bring Ms Adina Lav to visit all the laboratory in WCC. Some discussion on future collaboration is also being made.

DSC_0305 (Small)

DSC_0310 (Small) DSC_0318 (Small)




Prof Mitsui Taguchi Visits to WCC

On 2nd February 2015, WCC has accepted a visit from Prof Mitsuo Taguchi from Nagasaki Universit, Japan. He has visited all the laboratory in WCC and successfully shared his work to all the students and staffs. We are in WCC are really honour to receive visit from Prof Mitsuo



DSC_0276 (Small)

DSC_0268 (Small)


DSC_0281 (Small)


DSC_0293 (Small)

MIDA Visits to WCC

On 21st January 2015, WCC has received visitors from MIDA. The purpose of visit is to look forward any future collaboration between MIDA and WCC. The visitors were entertained by Assoc Prof Dr Ramlee Kamarudin.


DSC_0212 (Small)

DSC_0254 (Small)

DSC_0236 (Small)

DSC_0260 (Small)