Another Success at Geneva

Prof. Dr. Tharek and the research team of WCC has come up with an award-winning solution to provide Internet acces in remote places at the recent 36th International Exhibition of Inventions, New Techniques and Products, in Geneva which was held on the 2nd and 6th of April. The products are Portable Broadband Wireless Access (PBWA) and The Wireless Access for Broadband Internet Access (WSBIA).

The PBWA, which was awarded the gold medal, had also won the special award. The high-end product, which is capable of converting 3G and GPRS signals into WiFi,would enable many users to gain access to the internet. Such feature would be benificial as many gadgets nowadays are WiFi-enable. The invention was meant to be used in remote areas and on public transports. Operating using built-in battery, the PBWA can also be powered up by solar cells, for less maintainence on power supply.

The WSBIA which had secured the silver medal, had in fact been implemented within UTM campus to provide wireless internet connection service. The product had also been installed in MTDC-UKM and MTDC-UPM.

It is hoped that this success would catalyse the development of more innovative inventions by WCC members. This is definitely inline with the university goal,towards becoming a world-reowned research centre.